Fight the Government

Our firm is dedicated to vindicating your rights.
“If you have been wronged by the government, we can help. 
If the government is investigating you, we can help. 
If you want something from the government, we can help.
If the government has charged you with a criminal offence, we can help."
Christoper Funt — Partner

Our Approach - Fight Hard, Fight Smart

We serve clients facing the out-of-the-ordinary cases with high personal stakes. We obtain a significant portion of our work by referral from other law firms; we are also happy to refer your matter to another firm if we determine that to be in your best interests. 

The firm’s two partners have worked as a team throughout their careers. Both Marianna and Christopher are passionate courtroom advocates dedicated to bring the best resolution for their clients. 

Christopher is responsible for overall case planning. He conducts in-depth interviews and detailed disclosure review. He analyzes the legal issues, and crafts the defense strategy in consultation with Marianna. Marianna brings a fire brand approach to courtroom advocacy. Her strongest skills are quick thinking on her feet and a relentless pursuit of ferreting out weaknesses in the government’s case.